The aim of the CombiNet project (Word Combinations in Italian) is the study of Italian word combinations by taking into account the various types of combinations currently recognized (preferred combinations, collocations, binomial constructions, constructions, etc.). Such topics will be examined from three different but convergent points of view: theoretical-descriptive, computational and lexicological-lexicographic.

From the linguistic point of view, the types taken into account will be theoretically justified, validated and described in several dedicated studies.

From the computational point of view, tools and methods will be developed to recognize and extract from corpora previously identified types of combinations; existing algorithms will also be employed after suitable adaptation.

From the lexicographical point of view, the project aims at developing the layout for a lexical entry, which is capable of including in a clear and expressive way all the information available on the identified words combinations. The layout will constitute the main tool for a basic dictionary of Italian word combinations. The dictionary will be freely accessible on the Internet and will be used as a base for research and more applied purposes (like learning Italian as a foreign language and as a second language, online resource for text editors, etc.).


PRIN Project 2010-2011 (n. 20105B3HE8) funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)Word Combinations in Italian: theoretical and descriptive analysis, computational models, lexicographic layout and creation of a dictionary” / “Combinazioni di parole in Italiano: analisi teorica e descrittiva, modelli computazionali, studio di un layout lessicografico dedicato e realizzazione di un dizionario di combinazioni