International Conference


Word formats and lexical combinations.
Structures, extraction methods and lexicographic representations.

Roma Tre University
Rome, 29th-30th January 2016

Roma Tre University, together with the University of Pisa and the University of Bologna, announces the International Conference “Word formats and lexical combinations. Structures, extraction methods and lexicographic representations”.

The event will take place on 29th-30th January 2016, in Rome. The Conference is organized as the final step of the PRIN Project entitled “Word Combinations in Italian: theoretical and descriptive analysis, computational models, lexicographic layout and creation of a dictionary”, funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

The conference aims at promoting the interaction and collaboration among researchers interested in the analysis of the word (syntagmatic structure, types and nature) as well as in the study of word combinations (combinatorial structure, types and nature). The conference is also targeted at creating an international forum for the presentation and discussion of the most recent lexicographical and computational methods for the study of lexicon.

Several experts at home and abroad will be invited, and the discussion will cover a wide range of fields, including lexicology, lexicography and computational linguistics. The conference programme includes 3 plenary sessions and the contributions of the members of the PRIN research group.

We encourage proposals for presentations (20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion) or posters on the following topics:

  • Word: semantic and syntactic formats, types and nature.
  • Word combinations: syntactic and semantic properties.
  • Typological and comparative analysis of word formats and word combinations.
  • Word formats and their lexicographic representations.
  • Comparative studies on combinatory dictionaries.
  • Computational methods and tools for the extraction of word combinations from corpora.
  • Automatic treatment of word formats.


Invited speakers

Vincenzo Lo Cascio (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Elena de Miguel Aparicio (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Alain Polguère (TILF – CNRS / Université de Lorraine)


For further information:

mail us or visit the TRIPLE lab website